Originally posted on my blogpost (10/30/2015)

Hallo~! How are you? I hope you’re doing well! (´・ω・`)

Lately, I’ve been quite busy with some stuff and because of that I wasn’t able to open my accounts for few days but now that I got some free time… That means an update! Yay! ❤


Last August 25, Kahotan of Good Smile Company / GSC was looking for some photos for September/October 2015 with the Autumn theme to feature on her blog.


When I read it, something inside me tells me that I want to join but I was a bit hesitant because I know a lot of people are always sending her photos so the chance of being featured on her blog is low but after thinking that I really want to take the chance and there’s nothing wrong with trying plus it’s a good practice (to be able to take a lot of shots can help me improve more) and so I decided to join. ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)


I sent the photo of the lovely Nendoroid 435 Armin Arlert. (≧◡≦)

Having Fun




After a few days, Kahotan updated her blog and………….



You can see it here:
Kahotan’s Japanese blog | English blog




I was really surprised to see that the photo I sent was featured!!! I was not expecting it at all!! I can’t believe it! (°ロ°)
I was even thinking that if my photo is not featured maybe I can join again next time.
I think I refreshed her blog few times to really see if I’m on the right blog. Hahaha!
I remember staring at it for few minutes and I kept on reading her blog post. Hahaha! (*≧∇≦)
Sorry if this sounds overacting but that’s what I really felt and that’s what I did.
To me, this is a big deal! ❤


Kahotan’s reply was really cute! “Armin playing around in the yellow Autumn leaves with an innocent smile on his face! I want to see all three of them together once Eren and Mikasa arrive! ✮”


I was sooooooooooo happy! I felt my heart was beating loudly and jumping fast! \(▽ ̄\( ̄▽ ̄)/ ̄▽)/

Ahh~ It feels really good! Actually it motivates me to do my best in taking photos of my figures. Somehow deep inside me felt like I should really continue this journey.
(▰˘◡˘▰) It’s like a good sign! ☆☆☆


For those who didn’t know… Good Smile Company or GSC is the maker of the cute chibi (small) figures called Nendoroids and to be able to get featured on their blog is reaaaally nice!!!


I hope next time I send Kahotan another photo, she’ll feature it again on her blog. Haha! (〃^∇^)ノ
Sending Kahotan photos… It’s quite addicting lol


See you on my next post!

Have a nice day!



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