Happy Birthday to me!

Originally posted on my blogpost (12/31/2015)

Ahh~ It’s been a while since my last post. (ノ_・。)

Well, a lot of things happened and one of those was my memorable birthday party celebration! ★★★

I’m going to tell you more about it! Enjoy! ❤


Last November 23 was my birthday and this little kiddos surprised me! Aww! ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ



After greeting me… They presented their gifts!
Ahh~ This is one of my fave parts when having a birthday celebration! ❤

Oh it seems like they prepared a lot!
I can feel that the Titans are also excited for this! O(≧▽≦)O
Even Bertholdt /coughs/ I mean the Colossal Titan can’t wait to open the gifts!



After the opening of gifts… It’s time to eat! ❤

It seems like everyone is having fun! Are you also curious what are they talking about? Hmm… Then let’s listen~

Lingyin: I bet I can kick them like that too! Hihi!
Mikasa: Yeah but I am strong. Stronger than all of you. Extremely strong. I can kill all the titans out there. Even if I am alone.

Armin: I wonder what Lingyin and Mikasa are talking about…
Kashuu: Yeah! /bites the cotton candy/ Yum! This is good! Armin, we should also eat this M&M’s chocolate!
Armin: Haha! Maybe you should try this popcorn too!
Umaru: Whoa! Maybe I should try drinking green tea too! B-but I can’t give up my cola!
Jiji: That’s right Umaru. I told you green tea tastes better than cola.

Ritsu: Oh look! This is better than your teddy bear, Heichou!
Levi: Tsk! That’s not even cute!
Ritsu: But this guy here can move on its own!
Levi: Tsk! That’s not even cuddly!
Ritsu: Look at her! /points at Chitoge/ That’s bigger than what we have! Maybe that’s why she looks happy! /giggles



…And now it’s time for some…. GAMESSS! Weeee~
A birthday party won’t be complete if there are no games, right?
For the first game… A card game!

Based on their looks… I think Ritsu, Levi, Chitoge and Umaru are about to loose!

Ritsu: How can this happen? All I have is 2 of hearts!
Levi: Stupid brat! I can’t loose this game!
Chitoge: /kisses the card/ Bring me some luck!
Umaru: Noooooo! This can’t be! I am the great Umaru! I can’t loose!
Kashuu: So… I have an ace! Does this mean we already won?
Jiji: Take it easy Kashuu! I have the best card here.
Lingyin: Yes! This calls for a celebration! /giggles

Steve Tyler Titan aka The Titan who ate Eren’s mom: Nom nom nom…



Next game~ Now this is often played at birthday parties!
A classic children’s game!
It’s called Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

Oh look at Umaru and Armin’s face! Are they planning something?

Armin: Haha! Umaru-chan, you’re good!
Umaru: Of course! This is going to be fun! /giggles

Jiji: I can do this~ :3

Lingyin: Yeah! Come on, let’s start!
Levi: Oh this is pretty easy! Even kids can do this.
Chitoge: Is it my turn yet?
Colossal Titan:

Steve Tyler Titan aka The Titan who ate Eren’s mom: Nom nom nom…



Are you ready for this exciting guessing game?
This is a hit! It’s called Touch and Feel.
To play this game, one has to feel what is the object inside the box and try to guess it.

Let’s see if Levi Heichou can guess it~

Lingyin: You can do it! /giggles
Ritsu: This is easy!
Armin: Heehee~ I hope Heichou won’t feel disgusted.
Levi: WTF is this?!
Umaru: Hihihi! Can you guess it?
Yukiko: T-that’s….
Jiji: /giggles



Woot! You can’t play this game without laughing!
The weird positions that will make your muscles crazy!
Of course, this is Twister!

Looks so much fun, right? Ahh~ I wanna join them! Haha!

Armin: The rules when playing Twister…
Chitoge: Ahh! This is crazy! It’s hard!
Ritsu: Yeah! You can do it, guys! Just a bit more!
Lingyin: 1… 2… Mikasa, hang in there!

Mikasa: J-just… a bit… more…
Colossal Titan:
Kashuu: Hurry Levi-san!

Levi: Oh… These brats are good!



Dun dun dun~ I bet some will say… “What a waste of tissue!”
Buuuut this is too fun to pass! We shall play this in every celebration! lol!
You know this? It’s called mummy wrap!

Now place your bets! Who do you think is the best looking toilet paper mummy?

Chitoge: Faster! Come on! We’re gonna lose if you’re too slow!
Lingyin: Eh? Wait! I’m still fixing it!

Kashuu: /concentrating
Jiji: /giggles

Umaru: Looks like we have a winner!
Colossal Titan: Umaru-chan, your potato chips and cola…

Levi: Oi brat! What are you doing? Do it faster!
Mikasa: I know that.



After all those games… The boys presented a dance number!
I think this is the highlight of the party!
Aww! Just look at how adorable they are!

It’s like the TouRabu boys are enjoying this more than the SNK boys, don’t you think?



The party has now ended and we’re all tired…
No one wants to move an inch anymore…
All we want is to sleep…

Levi: Oi! We’re not going to clean this mess?
skipmilk: Eh? B-but Heichou, I’m tired… Where are the others? They should clean with you…
Levi: Those brats disappeared right after I said “It’s time to clean!”.
skipmilk: /sigh/ Fine… I’ll help you…

Ahh~ It was really fun! What a memorable party!
I hope we can do this again next year!
Maybe we should invite more Nendoroids and more games and more foods and–

Levi: More cleaning!

Ah right! More guests means more cleaning!
Geez… Heichou sure loves cleaning!



…Aaaaaaand that’s all! That was long but fun, right? Hahaha!
Thanks for tuning in! ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)
See you on my next post~



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