I won Awesome In Figure’s giveaway!

Awesome In Figure celebrated their 2nd Year Anniversary this year, April and as a thank you to everyone who supported them, they held a giveaway to celebrate! ✨🎉


The giveaway was hosted by Gleam and it’s really easy!

You have so many options to enter and if you follow all the steps, you’ll get more entries and more chances of winning. 👍


So I decided to try my luck and join~



…And luckily, I WON!  Yatta! Whooooooo~!


To be honest, I’m not expecting to win.
Heck, I’m not expecting anything since I know a lot of people joined and a lot people do the photo tag (you must post a toy photo and tag them) which can increase your chances of winning.



Oh boy! I was really surprised to see that I’m one of the winners! 😂😂😂
I was so happy because I rarely win in any contests. lol
I kept on spamming Ian and said thank you a lot of times lol sorry



Anyway, after few days, I already got the prize! 🎁
Thank God it arrived safely and in good condition!



Here are the prizes:


3 Photo Poster
4 Photo Postcard
Nendoroid Hercule Burton



Close up photo of the 4 postcards


They’re really cute! Makes me wanna print my photos too! 💚💜💙💛❤

I love Sinon and Miku’s shot!



Close up photo of the 3 posters


Omg guys i’m telling you this are so niceeeee! 😍😍😍
The texture of the paper is nice too!
I can’t really choose which one is my fave because they’re all photograph well and each photo is different.
Ahh I love them! How cute~



Don’t you just love it when you receive things like this?
It feels like it’s my birthday everytime. Hahaha!



Again, Ian, Awesome In Figure, Thank you very much!
You guys are really awesome! 😃👍


See you on my next post!



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