Oh! So you’re on this page… You want to know more about me, huh? Haha!
Don’t worry, I’ll be happy to tell you a little bit of me.

Hallo~! This is skipmilk!

Welcome to my blog!

Here, I’ll be sharing my love and passion for figures, photography, miniatures, dioramas and so much more.

Ever since I was a kid, I really love collecting. From pogs to gel pens to figurines to plushies to trading cards to gaming consoles to watches and shoes to DVDs to Powerpuff Girls to Hello Kitty to Pokemon to Naruto and so on and so forth.

As I grew up, I learn to love Doraemon by watching the show. To be honest, I kinda envy Nobita because I want to have my own Doraemon too! Hahaha!

Last 2012, I started to become serious in collecting Doraemon and Usavich merchandise or should I say, goods. I have toys, board games, mahjong set, figures, plushies, pillows, blanket, bags, pouch, charms, straps, key holder, stamps, mugs, plates, kettle, pan, trash can, button pin / can badge maker, ping pong set, video game console, calculator, clock, soccer ball, sandwich maker, containers, flashlight, bottle cover, kigurumi, shirts, pajamas, underwear and sooooo much more.

DoraeVich by skipmilk.wordpress.com

I’m a big fan of Doraemon and Usavich!
I love them ever since, I love them now and I think I will love them forever!

But… I paused for a while because, this year, I decided to focus and get serious in collecting  figures.

I enjoy collecting and photographing my figures in every possible way. My goal is not just to view them as “toys” but to make them come alive.

Though I’m just new to this, I’m still in the process of adjusting and learning, I know I still got a long way, I still need a lot of practice but I hope my posts and photos will bring you happiness!

For me, collecting is not just about the quantity, it’s also about the quality.
It’s not just about the price, it’s also about the meaning and story behind each toy.
It’s not just a hobby, it’s also about the emotions you feel every time you see at them.

If you like to see what’s on my wish list, there’s another page for that.
You can go check it out ➤ HERE.
Maybe we have something in common?
Maybe you’re wishing for that figure too? Fufufu~

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Thank you for dropping by and for reading up until here!

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